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September 2008:

I can't believe it's been so long since I was last here! Things are changing, I'm thinking of completely re-designing this site. New UT3 voicepack soon b.t.w

December 2007:

New exclusive mp3 release and remixes! Click link above

November 2007:

New Unreal Tournament exclusive. Download Batman and Robin voicepack here: Batman and Robin

October 2007:

Not the most exciting of websites but anyway... Dubtrip removed for remix, final version here soon along with exclusive mp3 release!

September 2007:

Coming soon, new ut voicepacks and Mp3 release
June 2006: I'm back with another site.
Homestar voicepack is here: Homestar

Download cd art.
16 March 2007: Dubtrip is back.
Remixed and improved!
DubTrip - back soon
12 August 2006: Small Brother with improved eq (new music soon!) - 4-1-2007: smallbrother temp removed for remix
This is my take on Channel 4's reality series 'Big Brother'
Download Small Brother here:
Small Brother
Small Brother synopsis and small cover:
New Unreal Tournament Voicepack. It's KITT from Knight Rider (also available on nalicity)
Kitt voicepack

My other site: Syex in Cyberspace